Running in the winter: 5 tips

You don’t wanna go running because it is to cold outside is no longer an excuse. It is a problem many of you get. You are just building up your fitness work-out in the summer and then suddenly the temperature starts to drop. Before you know it, it’s freezing outside. For many people a reason to put your running shoes in the closet far far away. But this winter we want to help you to stay fit and stay running!

Running in the winter

Running in the freezing cold does not have to be a punishment. In fact, if you approach it smartly, you get the most out of you work-out during the winter. Think of it: less sweating and less busy roads. However, good preparation is more important than ever. For example you have to think about the following:

Good clothing is essential

We cannot emphasize this enough. Without the right protective clothing, you do yourself more harm than good. Thermal pants and shirt is essential during the dark winter months. Depending on the weather you can also opt for a light windbreaker-jacket, gloves and ear or neck warmers. Do not make the common mistake that you will warm up during the run. When you sweat in cold temperatures your body is even more exposed to the weather!

Provide extra grip

The winter in the Netherlands are plagued by rain and now and then even snow. Check whether your current running shoes have sufficient grip for these extreme conditions. The last thing you want to do is to fall and not be able to run anymore.

Hydration remains important

In the warm summer months you will tend to sweat more and logically drink enough water to keep you moisturized. But the fact that you do not sweat as much in the winter as in the summer doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep hydrating yourself. Every training, heat or cold, causes moisture loss.

A warming-up is more important than ever

Because of the cold, your muscles cool down faster than ever, increasing the risk of injuries. Make sure you have an extensive warm-up before you start. If you want to do an interval training, make sure your breaks are not too long. Keep your muscles warm!

Make sure you are seen

The days are shorter and the nights are longer. The chance that people will see you now is really small in the dark. It seems a little bit unnecessary to say but it is really important that you wear close so that people can see you. LED strips for you arm, reflective vests, even bicycle lights for your clothes. Make sure when your running in the dark your visibility for cars is to the max!

Personal Training

Don’t want to run outside in the winter but still want to get or stay fit? Then maybe a Personal Trainer will be your option. Check out our Personal Training Trail Lesson!

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