Research shows that happy couples get fat faster…!

Are you having a serious and happy relationship at the moment. And are you starting to notice that your scale is going up and up? Maybe it’s time for the happy couple to visit the gym more often instead of your Netflix binge sessions?

When you were still dating, sometimes you could not get a bite through your throat. After a while this has changed: you now eat pizza together on the couch or hold an ‘all you can eat’ sushi competition. Nice to have that, right? But beware: happy couples become fat more easily!

Research: happy couples become rather fat

This is shown by a study published by the American Psychological Association (APA). Couples with a healthy and happy relationship gain more weight than couples who have a less fortunate relationship.

“Signals that you really have a relationship with the right person”

In this study, 169 newly married couples were examined twice a year for four years. Among other things, the following data were monitored: height, weight, satisfaction and stress. The researchers were able to draw a clear conclusion from these data: happy couples become rather fat.

Two models

In their research, the researchers selected two models and looked at which model was the right one: the health regulation model or the pairing market model. The health regulation model states that a good relationship makes you healthier. If you have a happy relationship, it is less likely that you gain weight. If your relationship goes downhill, chances are that you eat more and thus become heavier. This is then due to stress, so you can not control your eating pattern.

“Research shows that this is the art of eating less”

The pairing market model is based on the opposite. The theory states that it is the healthy relationships that ensure weight gain: you do not have to pay much attention to your appearance, because your partner still likes you. If you are not happy in your relationship, you have more trouble looking good, for your partner or for someone else.

And, which works better?

The research showed that the pairing market model clearly came forward. The happier the couple, the more likely they are to gain weight. Because newly-married couples have already found their dream partner, they make less effort to maintain their diet and have less physical activity, making them heavier. This of course does not mean that you do not have to exercise if you have a happy relationship; You can also simply exercise because you like it!

If you run five kilometers every day because you like it, a stable and happy relationship will not change that, but if you run that five kilometers because you want to look good for someone else, then maybe there is something wrong in your relationship…

The solution according to Jon Horton

If you don’t like to work-out on your own because you prefer to do something with your boyfriend or hubby instead. Just think about working out togehter. In our gym in Utrecht we have many couples who work-out together. This will not only give you some quality time with your lover but will also give you that amazing fit body that you always wanted. If you ask me this is a WIN-WIN!

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