Jon Horton

Your personal trainer in Utrecht

30 years experience

Jon performed as a top athlete at world level and learned how to get and maintain a body in optimal condition. We have translated this experience in customized programs which will bring people with or without experience to the maximum.

Effective and educational

Jon trains at your maximum ability, thanks to effective training which are educational so you can hold on to the results. Jon is not just there to push you, he is also understandable and supports you when it’s getting tough. Together you will achieve results through trust and co-operation.

I want to

train at Jon Horton

Body Sculpting

  • Be tighter
  • Lose centimetres
  • Keep results
  • Beach body
  • Be ready for your special day
  • Healthy food, still lose weight

Iron Man

  • More muscle mass
  • Lower fat percentage
  • Strong arms
  • Impressive chest
  • More energy
  • Proper nutrition & supplements
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