Snow Ready Fitness Plan

Do you go skiing every year and do you want to be top fit this year? Then it is important that you start training NOW!

Do you recognize the problem of pain in your muscles at the beginning of your ski trip? This is not surprising because on your ski trip you will be using different muscles than the muscles you ‘normally’ use. That is why it is so important to train BEFORE your ski trip! Not two weeks in advance, no! We always recommend to start the training two months in advance.

Why prepare?

Everyone knows that is is important to prepare yourself for your ski trip, but why? Not only does working out in advance result in fewer injuries, it will ensure you that you can start fit and end fit! It will be easier to catch the blows when you are skiing or snowboarding. Of course this training will not make you an expert at skiing all of a sudden. But it will make your ski trip a lot more pleasant!


Jon Horton is a respected Personal Trainer in the province of Utrecht. Especially for all winter sport enthusiasts we designed the Snow Ready Fitness Plan. The Snow Ready Fitness Plan contains exercises that are perfect for your ski trip. All Jon Horton plans are adapted to your own wishes.

We advise you to start 2 months before your ski trip! The advantage of exercising with a Personal Trainer is that he will push you further than you thought you could go, for the best results!

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