Body Sculpting Program

I want to

Be tighter and lose centimeters

Get in shape after my 30th

Have long term results

Be in my best shape ever

Dare to go to the beach again!

Losing weight is more than just losing a few kilos. We make sure that besides losing weight, you will become tighter too. Get more energy, a better mood and sleep better. In other words, your whole life improves by getting your body in shape with the body sculpting program. These are no empty promises, we’ve been doing this succesfully for years. Do you have lots of experience in the gym or no experience at all, we can help everyone at every experience level achieve great results and get you in the best shape.  So you can go to the beach again, fit in your old jeans and be happy with your own reflection.

Needed experience

I want to

Lose weight

Get fit

Eat healthy

Lasting result

Customized Body sculpting program

The program is customized based on your experience, goals and budget. The Body Sculpting program is suitable for both men and women .In this program you train 3 times a week for 8 weeks with Jon Horton.  During these 8 weeks you will reach incredible results and you will learn how to train on yourself. After the 8 weeks you can continue with another program or go to an aftercare program where you train parts on your own with programs form Jon and parts with Jon. This ensures your results for the long term. You will train one on one in a private gym.

Nutrition advice

We start by keeping a 3-day food diary. Based on this, Eliza will make a customized nutrition program. The food in this nutrition plan can be bought in every supermarket. Busy lives, business diners and/or cooking for the family will be taken into account in this nutrition plan. You will also get advice concerning your lifestyle.

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