Body Sculpting

Lose a few kilos, have more energy, manage stress in a better way? Because of this unique program, which Jon customizes to your current physical starting point and goals, the body’s metabolism increases. This will result in a body which will burn excess fat and will function better. The overall health improves and the body and mind will be better in managing stress and challenges in life. An investment for life, which starts by applying for a free trial lesson.

Iron Man

Gaining muscle mass and burning fat is easier said than done. It is not a matter of training harder, but training smarter and getting the right nutrition. This combination is made in the Iron Man Program, where men (possibly even women) get a custom made program to quickly gain a beautiful muscle definition and more energy at the same time. You will learn how to train and eat to continue getting results, which also makes this program an investment you will enjoy your entire life.

  • Be tighter
  • Lose centimetres
  • Keep results
  • Beach body
  • Be ready for your special day
  • Healthy food, still lose weight
  • More muscle mass
  • Lower fat percentage
  • Strong arms
  • Impressive chest
  • More energy
  • Proper nutrition & supplements



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