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Are you looking for a personal trainer in Utrecht? Jon Horton offers you the guidance you are looking for! With over 30 years of experience Jon exactly knows how to get and maintain a body in optimal condition. Besides, he will give the mental support you need to achieve your goals.

Why personal guidance?

There are several reasons to get started with a personal trainer! By training with personal guidance, your training will be more effective, resulting in quicker results. In addition, a personal trainer will teach you the right movements and exercises which will help you train more effective and safe. This reduces the risk of injury. Of course, a personal trainer will also push you to the limits. When you are struggling to find motivation, Jon will help you. He will give you the strength to continue if you need it and he will make working out more fun. Besides mental and sporting guidance, Jon Horton will also give guidance for your lifestyle and nutrition. By making the right adjsutment in your nutrition, you will achieve quicker results and you will be able to keep the results.

Programs personal trainer Utrecht

There are different programs which you can follow at Jon Horton, THE personal trainer in Utrecht.Er zijn verschillende programma’s die u kunt volgen bij Jon Horton, dé personal trainer in Utrecht.

Body sculpting program

With the body sculpting program you will get a tighter body and it will give you more energy, you will look beter and you will be able to handle stress better. The training increases your metabolism, which will burn excess fat and improve the functioning of the body. You will look better and will be able to deal with the challenges of life.

  • Be tighter
  • Lose centimetres
  • Keep results
  • Beach body
  • Be ready for your special day
  • Healthy food, still lose weight

Iron Man program

Would you like an impressive chest and upper arms, the Iron Man program is the right choice for you. Jon will work with you to gain more muscle mass and to burn more fat, giving you more muscle definition and energy. The combination of the right training and nutrition will help you achieve your goals, besides you learn how to keep the result.

  • More muscle mass
  • Lower fat percentage
  • Strong arms
  • Impressive chest
  • More energy
  • Prober nutrition & supplements

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