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Personal Trainer Utrecht

Jon is the Personal Trainer in Utrecht who will bring you to a top condition! Thanks to 30 years of experience, we achieve the quickest result. Do you want to lose 10-20 kilos? Slimmer, tighter or more muscle mass. Better health and being more comfortable in your own skin. Your result is our goal.

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There is so much being written about nutrition, that it’s sometimes hard to know what is healthy and what isn’t. Eliza will teach you more about all the myths and facts concerning nutrition. In 3 steps, we ensure that you will get a customizednutrition plan which fits your lifestyle and goals. Weight loss, better health or gaining muscle mass. We do not work with a diet but with healthy nutrition which will give you a lifetime of pleasure.


We examine your current eating patterns by letting you write down what you eat and drink over a certain period of time.


After, we will provide a customized advice so you will not only eat healthy during the training.

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Personal trainer Utrecht

personal trainer utrecht

Jon Horton is THE personal trainer in Utrecht who will help you achieve your goals concerning weight loss, muscle mass and health. In a short period of time you will achieve quick results, thanks to the combination of optimal training and personal nutrition guidance.

From professional athlete in the USA to Personal Trainer in Utrecht. Jon is American and has been working in Utrecht for 10 years now. Bringing out the best in people is what he has been doing for all his life. As American Football player, Jon achieved many championships including a world championship. Jon uses that passion and drive to bring out the best in the people who train with us.

Everything is possible; slimming, gaining muscle mass, improving overall health. The two most popular programs are:

The Body Sculpting Program focuses on burning fat by specific strength training, for men and women who want to be slimmer, tighter and want to have more energy.  It is possble to lose 6-8 centimetres of the belly in 8 weeks.

The Iron Man program focuses on muscle mass with visible results within 8 weeks. The program works on lowering the fat percentage for a clear muscle definition.

The training is short but intense. Ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. In order to hold your results forever, you will lear how to train as a professsional. You will learn how to make schedules. You will learn to eat healthy and exercise safely. This is an investment in yourself for now and for the future.

Every program consists of custom made workouts supervised bij Jon Horton personally. Eliza will make a nutrition analysis. Through this analysis we can accurately determine which nutritions you are currently lacking. With easy adjustments Eliza will make a personal nutrition plan and will give you a personal lifestyle advice.

Jon Horton Personal Trainer Utrecht has its own location on Lage Weide, where you can train privately. The location is close to the A2 and thereby very accesible, it is just a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam. All workout sessions are one-to-one or together with a partner.

Do you want to know more? Make a free and non-binding appointment for a trial lesson. You will get a short training and a personal conversation with Jon. There are no obligations.

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Personal Trainer Utrecht

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