8 tips to keep your weight steady during the holidays!

During the holidays we want to enjoy our food and snacks and not pay attention to your weight all the time. You certainly do not want to be a ‘nag’ these days when people cooked you dinner. But you also do not want to gain a lot of kilos. Many woman (and also men) find these days extra difficult.

Because you want to keep your healthy weight up to standard we want to give you eight easy tips. These tips are easy to apply especially these holidays. Here are the tips:

Eat vegetables as a snack and/or as an appetizer

Vegetables contain lots of fiber, which makes you full faster. This will make you eat less in the next view courses. So nibble on some raw vegetables for dinner, or eat a tasty salad for a dish.

Leave the bread basket during the holidays

Skip as much bread as possible. This can make you feel blown up. The crazy thing is, because of the bread we are going to eat more. Wheat has an effect on blood sugar so we want to eat more. So avoid as much bread as you can these days!

Add some sparkling water in your wine

Alcohol is a fat maker as you know. But not drinking it at all is maybe not an option for you. So you can add some sparkling water in your wine. You can drink at the same pace as your family only now you will have halve the amount of alcohol and therefore the calories.

Eat enough good fats

Fats will give you the ‘I’m full feeling’. And we are not going to get fat from the good ones. So eat nuts, avocado, fatty fish, mackerel, wild salmon, etc. You will also notice that your appetite will lose more quickly.

Do not combine proteins with carbs

One of the golden rules: do not eat proteins together with carbs. Proteins are: chicken, meat, fish and egg. Carbs are: rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. So eat tasty fish, meat, chicken with lots of vegetables. And leave the fries, potatoes and rice. Simple trick but it will help your metabolism enormously. The body will be more energized and you won’t feel bloated.

Use stevia sugar as a sweetener

You have a brand called STEVIA and this is a sort of sweetener. It makes your dishes weeter. No one will notice the difference but you will on your scale. Also tasty in cakes, desserts and in coffee.

Eat your last bite before midnight

So suppose you end your Christmas dinner at 22.00, the next meal you can eat will be at 10.00 in the morning. Give your body approximately 12 hours to work without food.

Enjoy every bite

Enjoy! Do not think about it to0 much. In the end it is a holiday so you can enjoy it! Do not over eat, but eat what you really like. This will make your body really happy in the end!

Happy holidays everyone! And if things get out of hand Jon Horton Personal Trainer is happy to help you to lose your weight again!